About The Captain

CAPT. Joeys’ passion for saltwater fishing began at an early age.  As a young teenager he spent countless times in Charleston on his familys’ fishing boat catching anything that would bite his hook.  Growing up in Columbia, SC he and his family traveled weekly to the Charleston coast for a day or two on the ocean. Every summer his weekends were spent at the beach house. It was then that the love for the ocean and its wildlife was implanted.


CAPT Joey is a local Firefighter/EMT and he currently holds a US Coast Guard Charter Boat Captain’s license.  He now resides in Charleston SC where most of his time is spent on the water. Whether at work performing water rescues, cruising visitors around the harbor, or fishing offshore on his days off, he still finds himself where, as he says, “Living the Dream”.  CAPT. Joey is an experienced captain offering just a glimpse into the beautiful Charleston area from a relaxing water view.